7 steps to quit smoking and overcome tobacco cravings with expert support

7 steps to quit smoking and overcome tobacco cravings with expert support

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Quitting smoking is tough but ultimately does much good to you and your family. What’s crucial in the process is to garner the right support and guidance to break free from the hazardous addiction. Ahmedabad offers a fantastic option with Qtox by your side. You can now bank on consultation, counseling, customised plan and hand holding support to make your desire of quitting smoking, a reality. Here’s a quick glimpse of seven pro tips that will help you get rid of your Smoking habit:

1 Plan and Commit

Set a date and stick to it. Quit smoking from that day onwards, don’t dilly dally, else it will be a never ending affair. Keep a strong resolve and focus on the positive aspects of quitting smoking. This will keep you motivated and firm. Commit and act in accordance. Be true to your self and be proud of your intent. You have it in you. Just do it.

2. Choose expert consultation

Expert consultation to Quit Smoking and stop tobacco cravings is now available in Ahmedabad. Qtox offers a unique plan that boasts of 95% success ratio. The customised plans are devised in a way that it suits each individual’s specific needs and requirements and customisation thus works out well in that regard.

3. Counseling and Support

The pivotal aspect in the Quit Smoking journey is constant motivation, guidance, counseling and support at any given point in time. It’s challenging to combat the withdrawal symptoms at times, individuals may sink into hopelessness or depression. At such times Qtox serves free consultation quit smoking as a boon with its exclusive and 360 degree support.

4. Identify and manage triggers

It’s crucial that you identify the temptation points. What is it that makes it irresistible and makes you fall into cravings and addictions? Be powerful and courageous with strong will power. Win over your shortcomings. It’s all a mind game. Qtox will serve as a solid pillar of support with its customised plan for individuals wanting to Quit Smoking in Ahmedabad.

5. Exercise is key

The mantra to a healthy life is exercise. Meditation, engaging in hobbies, agility and an active lifestyle is key to a healthy wellbeing. It helps you keep away from cravings and walk the path of wellness through a smoke-free life.

6. Qtox – your detox partner

Choose Qtox to Quit Smoking and stop tobacco cravings. It’s spreading successfully across various cities in India. Take the benefit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Its behaviour alteration methods, personalised plans, expert consultation, counseling and handholding support is all you need to get rid of your life-threatening addiction.

7. Be firm, be constant

Be proud of your hardwork and efforts. You are doing good for yourself and your family. Celebrate the small steps you take everyday to achieve the bigger goal to quit smoking and stop tobacco cravings. Stay inclined, stay positive, stay happy. See the brighter side of life with a healthier you. How much you can do for your family when you transform to a fit and healthier version of yourself. Stay focussed. That’s of prime most importance.

Are you contemplating still? Just go for it. Choose Qtox and change your life for good. Healthy you is a happier you! We bet! Call us today.

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